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SAF™ superabsorbent Airlaid Fabric 2205 2sqm

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SAF™ superabsorbent Airlaid Fabric 2205 2sqm

SKU: SAF™ superabsorbent 2205 2sqm

This is an airlaid fabric, with a SAF, fluff pulp and Bi-Co fibre core, and an SPP top and bottom, apertured laminate. This gives a low shed/easy release surface, while still allowing moisture to enter the absorbent core.

Physical Characteristics

Weight (g/m2) 130
Thickness (mm) 2.0
Slit width 0.9m
Linear metres per m2 1.12m

Absorbency (0.9% Saline)

Absorbent capacity (g/g) 24
Absorbent volume (g/m2) 3,100

Absorbency (DM Water)

Absorbent capacity (g/g) 33
Absorbent volume (g/m2) 4,200

All tests are carried out in accordance with standard protocols.

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