Air laying is a nonwoven web-forming process that disperses fibers into a fast moving air stream and condenses them onto a moving screen by means of pressure or vacuum (Source: INDA).

SAF™ is routinely processed on all commercial air-laid production equipment. SAF™ short staple grades (6 mm) are typically blended with wood pulp and thermal bondable fibre. Airlaid webs within excess of 80% SAF™ content can be achieved at fabric weights of approximately 20-1,000gsm. A wide range of lamination options are available for SAFTM based airlaids.

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  1. Superabsorbent fabrics SAF airlaid nonwoven fabrics 2644

    This is an airlaid fabric, with a high SAF content core (fluff pulp and Bi-Co fibre make up the remaining core) a nonwoven bottom layer and a BiCo top layer.  This produces a highly absorbent inner core, with a low dusting/shedding outer layer. The outer layers give a smooth, soft feel. The outer BiCo layer also allows for thermal bonding of additional layers to the fabric.

    Physical Characteristics

    Weight (g/m2) 345
    Thickness (mm) 3.5
    Slit width 0.6m
    Linear metres per m2 1.67m

    Absorbency (0.9% Saline)

    Absorbent capacity (g/g) 29
    Absorbent volume (g/m2) >10,000

    Absorbency (DM Water)

    Absorbent capacity (g/g) 77
    Absorbent volume (g/m2) >26,500

    All tests are carried out in accordance with standard protocols.

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