Is it really possible to create a washable super absorbent nonwoven fabric? The answer is yes.

We have taken our technology, renowned for its use within disposable applications, and as a result of clever SAF™ (Super Absorbent Fibre) containment given it a durable edge. The result being a range of fabrics that, when encapsulated within outer layers, deliver high levels of absorbency with the additional benefit of washability. 

The SAF™ superabsorbent fabric must be sandwiched between two other fabric layers, providing a three-layer absorption fabric capable of being laundered multiple times. While the outer layers are required to allow the fabric to be laundered, these can be tailored as required to suit garment design and functional requirement. Technical Absorbents provide the core superabsorbent fabric only but can assist with outer fabric selection if required.

The use of SAF™ within this range of fabrics allows for very high absorption and retention capabilities, while still maintaining a low weight and thickness.  The final three-layer fabrics can be used in many moisture management and evaporative cooling applications were high levels of absorption and durability are required.