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From seed nurturing and crop/plant establishment to ongoing maintenance and even plant transportation, an available water supply is of huge importance in the agriculture and horticultural industries.

Due to its fibrous nature, SAF allows for the development of absorbent media (nonwovens, yarns and tapes) that offer advanced water management features, even in areas of low water availability.

Such media are designed to achieve highly controlled delivery of water and nutrients to root systems, whilst significantly reducing evaporative loss and water seepage. They can be designed for use under the ground, on the soils surface, as liners, root wraps, roof and vertical gardens and many other diverse applications where water absorption, retention and/or release is required.

Technical Absorbents has a range of products available for such applications, but is also happy to hear from anyone with an interest in its technology and can offer advice on its suitability for development projects/potential applications.

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  1. Super absorbent fibre 101/6/10

    This is one of our standard short staple fibre grades. It provides good balance of gel quality and absorbency properties, particularly under load and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

    Absorbency (g/g)

    15 Minute Free Swell Capacity (0.9% Saline) 47
    15 Minute Free Swell Capacity (DM) >140
    0.3 psi Absorption Under Load (0.9% Saline) 22
    0.3 psi Absorption Under Load (DM) >45

    All tests are carried out in accordance with Technical Absorbents Standard Test Methods, which are available upon request. All absorbency specifications are quoted on dry fibre.

    1kg of product will be supplied bagged and wrapped in a cardboard box.

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