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A significant reason for the majority of oil and fuel system failures is the presence of high water levels as dissolved, dispersed/emulsified and free water.

Dissolved water is water molecules spread throughout the oil that cannot be seen. Once the maximum level for it to remain dissolved has been exceeded the oil is saturated and it becomes know at an emulsion. This means that the water is suspended in the oil in microscopic droplets. If more water is added to a dispersed/emulsified oil/water mixture, separation will occur producing a layer of free water as well as free and/or dispersed/emulsified oil.

SAF can be integrated into enhanced nonwoven filter media fabrics that are designed to remove such contaminants from aviation fuel, automotive diesel and a wide range of oils, to very low ppm levels. This results in reduced fuel and oil degradation while providing the required filter quality for efficient machine operation, offers full compliance to meet stringent international filtration standards – particularly in the aviation fuel and hydraulic oil markets.

Technical Absorbents would be happy to offer advice as to the suitability of its SAF and converted materials for any given filtration product/application.

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