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Food Packaging


An effective means of moisture management within certain types of food packaging is important for many reasons. This can be legislatively when it comes to lose exudates in fresh food packaging, commercially when it comes to keeping produce fresher and on the shelves for longer or even logistically when it comes to shipping produce worldwide and keeping it in first class condition for sale.

SAF technology is regulatory listed for use in food contact materials and can be converted into nonwoven fabrics or other materials that can effectively lock away liquids within their core or absorb moisture and release back over time. It is a highly efficient way of keeping meat, fish, poultry and a whole range of other perishable foodstuffs packaged in optimised conditions and ultimately fresher for longer.

Technical Absorbents would be happy to offer advice as to the suitability of its SAF and converted materials for any given food packaging product/application.

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