An element of water-proofing is key in many geo and civil engineering projects, and geo-membranes or liner fabrics are often used to stop the movement of fluids between two locations. Its ability to contain up to 200 times its own weight in water of 60 times its own weight in saline, makes SAF an ideal way of achieving such functionality in both short- and long-term applications. 

Once converted into a fabric, a SAF containing material would initially swell as it absorbs moisture. It would then become an impermeable barrier to water once it has taken on a certain amount of liquid and so becomes a water-sealant in such situations.

In addition to acting as a barrier to water, the technology can also be used to help alleviate the problems of flooding, have the ability to separate, reinforce, protect and/or drain and offer many advantages that are extremely important to demanding civil engineering projects.

The fact that such fabrics an be supplied in rolls is also a huge benefit when being used on large-scale projects and makes installation easier and less time consuming.

The number of potential applications within this market is huge and Technical Absorbents would be happy to talk to anyone about their requirements and to offer advice as to the suitability of SAF technology. 

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