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Controlling moisture levels around a wound, while preventing excess wetting, facilitates the perfect environment for effective management and swift healing. To achieve this, the rapid uptake and retention of exudates from an infected area is essential. In addition to aiding the healing process, this also prevents further bacterial growth.

SAF has been extensively developed for use in advanced moist wound care dressings for the treatment of wounds with high exudate levels e.g. chronic wounds and burns. It can also be used in other medical-related products such as disposable mats for use within a surgical environment and absorbent packaging solutions for the transportation of liquids such as medical testing kits, blood, and bodily-fluid testing materials.

Technical Absorbents would be happy to offer advice as to the suitability of its SAF and converted materials for any given medical product/application.

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  1. Superabsorbent fabrics SAF needlefelt nonwoven fabrics 7122

    This is a needlefelt fabric that contains 100% SAF™

     Physical Characteristics

    Weight (g/m2) 350
    Thickness (mm) 5.0

    Absorbency (0.9% Saline)

    Absorbent capacity (g/g) >41
    Absorbent volume (g/m2) >14,300

    All tests are carried out in accordance with standard protocols.

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