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Unique range of superabsorbent washable fabrics for reusable products

This range of fabrics is not only superabsorbent but designed with reusability in mind. They can withstand the wash/dry process many times in final product construction. Demand for such fabrics is increasing from the hygiene sector as the industry witnesses the growth of reusable feminine and incontinence products to meet the ever increasing sustainability challenge. The fabrics can also be used for mositure managament and evaporative cooling in garments and accessories.

To withstand laundering, these innovative fabrics feature multiple layers which can be tailored, as required to suit product design and functional requirements. Once in a final fabric construction, studies have indicated minimal absorbency loss of circa 22% after 40 wash cycles.

The current range of washable fabrics range from 190-450gsm and 1.5-6mm in thickness. Anti-microbial, flame-retardant and anti-odour finishes can also be added during the manufacturing process to add additional functionality if required.

For more information about our washable fabrics, get in touch with our Product Development team by emailing

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