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Super Absorbent Fibre

Super Absorbent Fibre

What is Superabsorbent Fibre (SAF™)?

Think of SAF™ as similar to Super Absorbent Powder (SAP) but in fibre form, it is this that makes SAF™ special. It can be converted into a wide range of superabsorbent fabrics and spun yarns.

When blended with other fibres – and fabric layers – the amount of different product variants that can be achieved is endless. Within these converted products, distribution of the SAF™ is homogeneous and uniform. The fibres are entangled and fixed in the structure with minimal migration, resulting in consistent absorption performance and no dusting.

The fibres have a large aspect ratio allowing them to absorb aqueous fluids very quickly. Standard SAF™ is 10 dtex and the fibres are precision cut with staple lengths of 6, 52 and 80mm available.

SAF™ is naturally white. The creation of dust and respirable particles is minimal during its manufacture and conversion compared to other superabsorbent technologies – improving safety down the supply chain to the end users. The fibres do not melt and are stable up to 200°C.

The production process we use to manufacture SAF™ is water-based to improve safety and environmental performance. The fibres also have a good biocompatibility profile and have been assessed by FDA and EFSA for use as an absorbent in food packaging.

This website allows you to buy smaller samples for initial testing/small trials from our extensive generic stockpile without the need for expensive trials. We can also assist in selecting initial samples - simply email for advice or call +44 (0)1472 245200.

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