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Superabsorbent Yarns

Highly absorbent spun yarns for a wide range of applications

52mm and 80mm SAF™ fibres can be spun with other staple fibres to produce these high performance swellable yarns. The denier, decitex, absorption rate and ultimate swell height can meet required specifications by altering the SAF™ grade and fibre blend. Typically, SAF™ is  blended with other synthetic fibres such as polyester, nylon, cellulose and aramids to add strength or additional functionality. 

Commercially SAF™ Yarns are supplied on bobbins, which can be sized to suit manufacturing requirements. They are lightweight and easy to onward process. A standard range of yarns are already available and others can be manufactured to meet specific requirements. 

Small sample cards of individual yarn types can be purchased below. If required, a mixed sample card can be supplied instead. For more information, get in touch with our Product Development team by emailing


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